Colour Vision

At Andrew Watkins Optometrist, we believe in helping individuals unlock the full spectrum of colours through our innovative colour vision treatment. Designed for those with colour vision deficiencies, our specialized therapy enhances colour discrimination and perception, opening up a world of vibrant hues.

How does colour vision treatment work? Through a series of targeted exercises and activities, our experienced team stimulates and trains the visual system to improve colour perception. These tailored techniques aim to break down barriers in colour vision and empower individuals to see the nuances and richness of the world around them.

The benefits of our colour vision treatment are remarkable:

  • Improved colour Discrimination: Experience a heightened ability to distinguish between different colours, allowing for a more accurate and nuanced perception of your surroundings.
  • Enhanced colour Perception: Witness the true beauty of colours as your visual system becomes more attuned to subtle variations and shades.
  • Tailored Treatment Approach: Our experts create a customized treatment plan based on your unique needs, ensuring targeted exercises and activities that address your specific colour vision deficiencies.
  • While colour vision treatment cannot completely cure colour blindness, it can significantly improve your ability to perceive and differentiate colours, leading to a richer visual experience. Our qualified optometrists and vision therapists specialize in this area, providing guidance and supervision throughout the treatment process.

Take the first step towards embracing the vibrant palette of life by booking a consultation.