I have used this business on a number of occasions and have always received excellent service and great advice. The quality of the hardware they use is top notch and the reception staff have also been great. I have recommended this business to others, who have subsequently been there and have commented very favourably about their experience. When dealing with your eyes you cannot afford to gamble or cut corners and Andrew and his staff will ensure you are well looked after.

Adrian Plunkett Avatar Adrian Plunkett

Friendly, helpful and professional

Brian Avatar Brian

Very friendly and helpful staff, Hong Nguyen was fantastic. Thank you!

Ben Johnson Avatar Ben Johnson

Genuinely the best health care experience I’ve had. Belinda was excellent.

Stephanie McKenzie Avatar Stephanie McKenzie

Hong is a friendly professional optometrist that isn't just out to make me buy glasses. I liked her assessment of my eyes and the honest in options she gave. :)

Sharon Canning Avatar Sharon Canning

Fantastic service. Friendly and professional.

Chifley Grocer Avatar Chifley Grocer

Best place I have been for my completed eyes. Nurse at front desk very professional and tom was awesome. I recommend to anyone who needs help with eyes.

Daniel Ross Avatar Daniel Ross

Best place I have been for my completed eyes. Nurse at front desk very professional and tom was awesome. I recommend to anyone who needs help with eyes.

Daniel Ross Avatar Daniel Ross

I have been living with bilateral keratoconus for many years, and found Andrew on recommendation from an Adelaide specialist. Joy!--the best fitting lenses (contacts) I've ever worn, exemplary care and consideration from Andrew and all of his staff, all of which has now continued for several years. The best care and knowledge I have ever experienced.

Anne Handberg Avatar Anne Handberg

Very competent, friendly and totally professional service provided by all staff consistently. Probably the best optometrist to visit in Canberra.

Satis Arnold Avatar Satis Arnold

Went to inquire about a certain sunnies frame for bike riding. The staff that looked after me (wasn't able to catch her name) was very helpful and exhausted all possible avenues to help me with my queries. Although I didn't end up getting the frame I'm after, I certainly recommend this place. Very good experience I had shopping for frames.

Mike Cabanban Avatar Mike Cabanban

The team at Andrew Watkins are very helpful, friendly and professional. I highly recommend them if you're looking for an optometrist in Canberra.

John Hyland Avatar John Hyland

Excellent service. I highly recommend Andrew and his team. They always deliver the best care!

Kate Eisenberg Avatar Kate Eisenberg

For many years have visited Andrew for optometrical services. Always impressed. Every member of staff is there to look after you. Recently needed 'specs' for a particular view of the world - the product is the 'bees-knees' - and even the ancillaries are excellent - the texture of the (free) lens cleaner cloth is 'quality street'. Wouldn't go anywhere else.

robert broadbent Avatar robert broadbent

My visit there was pleasant. Staff are friendly and professional. I was seen by Tom who was efficient. Anna helped me at the end to change lenses from one of my broken glasses to a new frame that I brought with me.

Pantip S Avatar Pantip S

Excellent experience overall. Staff are knowledgeable and friendly, they listen to you and make an effort to explain things thoroughly. Won't go anywhere else.

K Dickson Avatar K Dickson

I highly commend Andrew Watkins Optometrist. Staff are very friendly and helpful and Andrew is a competent and experienced optometrist. Equipment in this practice is clearly state of the art. You are in very good hands here.

Greg Polson Avatar Greg Polson

My experience here was great. Winnie, Bill and Donna were delightful and the new lenses are working well.

George Sykiotis Avatar George Sykiotis

Professional and excellent customer care

sara Sara Avatar sara Sara

Always a very thorough and professional eye examination. It’s reassuring to have my annual check up especially since my mother suffered from macular degeneration. I get the best vision correction and enjoy good eye health (contact lens wearer) thanks to Andrew and the team. I also love the option to select stylish glasses when I update my glasses.

Joanna Elkington Avatar Joanna Elkington