$210/ 6-Pack

Premium soft disposable contact lens for presbyopia. Luxurious extended-wear comfort.


  • Optimised Toric Lens Geometry™ incorporates special design features to provide predictable orientation and stable fit for consistently clear vision
  • Balanced Progressive™ Technology provides multiple correction zones in each lens that are tailored to your personal prescription, to help you see clearly at all distances
  • Aquaform® Technology locks in water – so you can have incredible comfort all day long – and helps your eyes stay clear and white, by delivering the oxygen your eyes need
  • Made to order, with over 200,000 prescription options to fit your specific prescription needs. Supply may take 4-6 weeks to arrive.

Wearing schedule: Daily, or up to 6 nights/ 7 days’ extended wear.

Recommended replacement schedule: Monthly.

*Please note: Prescription details are entered upon checkout by either:

  • Uploading a valid contact lens prescription,
  • Entering the optometry practice that has your current prescription, or
  • Confirming the prescription is held at Andrew Watkins Optometrist.

**Legally, we can only supply contact lenses if the contact lens prescription is valid. Therefore we will check each order against a current contact lens prescription and order accordingly. Otherwise, if the prescription on file is expired or if lens order is different to the prescription details, we will contact you.

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Don’t compromise on comfort or vision

From difficulty focusing on near objects, such as a mobile phone, to challenges seeing in dim or low light, presbyopia is a condition that can affect your quality of life. Now, with Biofinity multifocal contact lenses, you can see near, far and in-between without compromising on comfort or vision.

The technology behind vision

Outstanding vision at all distances is a key part of a successful multifocal contact lens. CooperVision’s Balanced Progressive™ Technology utilises two different optical designs to deliver exceptional vision – near, far and in-between.

Every eye is different and every lifestyle has different needs.

The science of comfort

When it comes to your contact lenses, here at CooperVision we understand the importance of comfort. That’s why all of our Biofinity contact lenses include Aquaform® Comfort Science™ – and this means wearers benefit from:

  • A naturally hydrophilic lens that locks water within, minimising dehydration
  • A lens that stays moist without the need of wetting agents
  • The high levels of moisture needed for eyes with age-related dryness
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Lens Details

Type: Monthly

Base curve: 8.7

Diameter: 14.5

Material: comfilcon A

Water content: 48.00%

Oxygen transmissibility: 116 Dk/t (at -3.00D)

Handling tint: Light blue