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Macular Degeneration

  • Is the leading cause of vision loss in those over the age of 55
  • Causes progressive, painless loss of central vision
  • Regular eye examination will enable early detection


  • Blurred central vision
  • The illusion that straight lines are wavy or distorted
  • The appearance of a dark or empty area in the central vision

Risk Factors:

  • Age
  • Family History - 50% chance of developing the condition if there is an immediate family history
  • Smoking - Studies have shown that those who smoke are 3 times greater at risk of developing AMD; Smokers may also develop AMD about 10 years earlier than non-smokers

Reduce your risk:

  • Eat fish two to three times a week
  • Eat dark green leafy vegetables and fresh fruit daily
  • Eat a handful of nuts a week
  • Limit your intake of fats and oils
  • Keep a healthy lifestyle - control your weight and exercise regularly
  • Have your macula checked at your regular eye examinations
  • Don't smoke
  • Provide adequate protection from sunlight exposure, particularly when young
  • Consider taking zinc and antioxidant supplements*


  • Regular eye examination
  • Digital imaging and optical coherence scans (OCT) of the macula area
  • Regular monitoring using an Amsler Chart
  • There is no cure for AMD but laser treatment or anti-vegF injections in some cases can slow down the central vision loss (depending on the type of AMD)

*Be aware that some foods and supplements may interact with prescription drugs and may not suit your medical conditions; always check with your medical practitioner before changing your dietary intake.

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