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Andrew Watkins Optometrist
Shop CG 5, Ground floor
Canberra Center, City Walk
Canberra, ACT 2606

Phone: 02 6247 7705

Practice hours
Monday - Thursday
8.30 am - 5.30 pm
8.30 am - 7.30 pm
8.30 am - 1.00 pm
Sunday - Closed

We unconditionally guarantee the workmanship and quality of our lenses and frames for 2 years from the date of purchase, if due to a manufacturing fault.


  • Is an irreversible condition that affects the optic nerve at the back of the eye
  • The cause is often unknown
  • It results in a gradual loss of peripheral vision so you will not detect these changes yourself until it becomes quite advanced
  • Any loss to your vision is not recoverable hence the need for early intervention
  • Can be detected by having regular eye examinations and scans done of the back of the eye

Tests include:

  • Assessment of the optic nerve
  • Measuring the eye pressure
  • Visual field analysis is performed if any of the above is suspicious
  • Digital imaging and optical coherence scans (OCT) of the optic nerve and retina

Risk factors:

  • Those over 50 years of age
  • Those with family history of glaucoma
  • Diabetes
  • Short-sightedness
  • Eye Injuries
  • Blood pressure (particularly low blood pressure)
  • Past or present use of steroid medication


  • If glaucoma is detected early enough eye drops can be used to reduce the pressure and slow down the progression of the eye disease
  • Occasionally surgery may be necessary
  • Glaucoma, left untreated, can result in total blindness but with treatment it is generally very well managed

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